Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

January Calendar

January Information

Welcome back from winter break!  We hope everyone had a relaxing week with your family!  This month we will complete our mclass testing (a test that is administered in September, January, and May).  It will assess your child’s reading progress.  So please sure to keep reading every night!  Your child should also be practicing their sight words and counting to 100. 

We are very excited about our trip to the aquarium.  Through the website,, we were able to get funding for most of the trip!!!!  Please be sure to send in the permission slip and a donation to help with the cost.

It is hard to believe that we are almost through Quarter 2!  Kindergarteners will be getting report cards this semester, so be on the lookout for those at the end of the month.

Also, be sure to check the weather each morning and dress your child appropriately.  Most days we will be going outside, unless the temperature is below 32.  Hats, gloves and jackets are really important!

Here are some dates to remember this month:

January 1- No School
January 15- field trip to the aquarium
January 18- No School
January 25- No school

In reading this month we will be reading informational books and ASKING our own questions about what we have read.  We will also be picking out the MAIN idea of the books.  We will be learning about things in the aquarium! 


In math we will begin combining (adding) sets.  We will use different manipulatives to help us combine 2 numbers together.  We will also be solving addition and subtraction story problems.

In science we will continue to learn about living things and life cycles.  We will also be getting MEAL WORMS!!!!  We will get to watch them change from worm, to pupa, to an adult beetle!

In social studies we will continue exploring maps.  We will explore the different features that we see on maps.