Friday, October 30, 2015

November Information

November is a busy month!  We have parent conferences and lots of days off from school!  Check with your child’s teacher about your conference time and location.  Be sure to keep reading every night with your child!  They should be getting new guided reading books and library books every couple of days. 

Enjoy your time off with your child and have a great thanksgiving!

Here are some dates to remember this month:

November 2- no school
November 11- 1/2 day PARENT CONFERENCES!
November 12- 1/2 day
November 25- 1/2 day
November 26- no school
November 27- no school

In reading this month we will be asking and answering questions about books we read (be sure to ask your child questions while reading to them!)  We will also be identifying the author and illustrator of books we read.

In math we continue to count and recognize numbers up to 20. 

In science we will finish up learning about the 4 seasons, and then move on to exploring different types of seeds and plants.

In social studies we will begin learning about the Earth.  We will explore the globe and the different landforms.

November Calendar

November Homework